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Sport2Health Athletes is an online coaching academy designed for entry level right up to semi professional sports people. Sport2Health's aim is to educate you how to lose weight, build muscle, improve your fitness and increase your awarenes of how nutrition and training affect your performance so you can adapt it to work for you. Sport2Health doesn't provide individual nutrition programes, we teach you how to build them yourself, however we do provide individual training programs.

Sport2Health is owned and operated by the head nutritionist to England rugby, the head nutritionist to a premier league football club (also head nutritionist to the LTA, European tour golf etc), the head nutritionist to Team Sky (previously head nutritionist to Liverpool FC), the strength & conditioning coach to a premier league football club (previously working in elite rugby and Olympic snowsports) and a multi World Cup medallist and 4x TeamGB Olympic athlete. Not only do we provide you with the tools required to achieve your goals but you get daily access to our our founders... Have a question for the England rugby nutritionist? Have a question for a premier league fitness coach? Have a question for the head of nutrition for Team Sky? Have a question for a 4 x TeamGB Olympic athlete? No problem - just fire them across and they will answer them!academy

We use our extensive experience with elite athletes & teams to educate you with the most effective ways to lose weight, build muscle, increase endurance and generally increase your health & fitness levels for your sport. We provide you with all the tools required to achieve these goals with the added benefit of personalised fitness programs and an extensive elite sports recipe collection.

Professor Graeme Close - Head nutritionist Everton FC, England rugby, LTA, European tour golf, jockeys...
Professor James Morton - Head nutritionist Liverpool FC (prev), Team Sky (current), elite level boxers, runners...
John Noonan - Strength & conditioning coach to premier league football, rugby, golf and Olympic Ski & snowboard

We give you the very best advice gained by working at the very top level of elite sport for the past 15 years. If you meet any of the below criteria you can benefit greatly from joining Sport2Health... (this is not an exhaustive list)

  • Any sports people, male or female aged from 16 years + (or younger with parents permission)
  • Athletes training/competing in rugby, football, golf, tennis, boxing, skiing, snowboarding, running, triathlons, duathlons, cricket, netball, squash, lacross, hockey etc - pls note this is NOT an exhaustive list
  • Athletes who are injured / in rehab or athletes who are fully fit
  • Athletes training for a particular event or season of sport
  • Athletes in school wanting to correctly prepare for a game / match who also want a firm understanding of nutrition & exercise
  • Athletes wanting to make performance gains in their sport through nutrition and training

Young or old, male or female - if you compete in sport at any level and you want to increase your performance then a sound nutrition and fitness strategy will play a major role in achieving this. For example, whether you are playing for your school rugby or netball teams, your local football or cricket teams or for your county or country - nutrition and fitness is key.

A major advantage of working with Sport2Health is that the individuals who set it up and work on it on a daily basis have worked, and continue to work with, some of the worlds most succesful athletes. James has been working as the head nutritionist for Team Sky for several years and has four Grand Tour wins under his belt including the latest Tour De France win for Geraint Thomas. James has previously worked with several boxers and MMA fighters as well as Liverpool Football club. Graeme has been working as head nutritionist for England rugby for several years and most recently has lead Englands nutritional strategy for the hugely succesful period under Eddie Jones including the latest 37-18 win over Australia to clinch the Quilter Cup. Graeme is also the head nutritionist for the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), European Tour Golf, Everton football club, several premier league football players as well as previously heading up the nutrition strategy for British Ski & Snowboard and several professional Jockeys. John is currently a strength & conditioning coach for a premiership football club having previously worked for British Ski & Snowboard, several premier league football teams and rugby teams as well as pro golfers.

One of the reasons Sport2Health founder Zoe Gillings-Brier (4 x Olympian and World cup winner) wanted to set up Sport2Health was due to the high cost of obtaining nutrition advice, for the first half of her professional sporting career she was unable to access top level nutritionists. For many athletes this access is often impossible unless you have the contacts and can afford £1000 a day! With Sport2Health not only can you now access two of the Worlds most credible nutritionists, but they also work hand in hand with one of the leading Strength & conditioning coaches available today. For just £30 a month you receive an unbelievable service that will put youahead of the competition in terms of your nutrition and fitness preparations for your chosen sport. was formed to give you full access to some of the world's leading health, fitness & sports specialists that until now have only been available to world class athletes
Everything that Sport2Health stands for and offers is based on offering honest, simple and credible advice and tools to help you lose weight, gain muscle, get fit and live healthy. Taking experience and lessons gained from working with elite athletes at the top of their game and offering you this evidence based information and giving you the tools to succeed
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