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Sport2Health Corporate is a health and wellbeing program to keep your employees happy, healthy and fit. We help your employees achieve their health and fitness goals whether that be to lose weight, build muscle, get fit or simply feel better about themselves and lead a healthier lifestyle. Helping your staff to achieve this can bring a number of benefits to you as an employer and isn't difficult or expensive. A partnership with Sport2health is likely to result in employees having more self-confidence and energy, more positive attitudes at work, less sickness and be less stressed too. We also have a dedicated section to staying fit and healthy during pregnancy created by one of our co founders who has returned to Olympic competition following pregnancy.

Sport2Health is run by the head nutritionist to England rugby, the head nutritionist to Team Sky, the strength & conditioning coach to a premier league football club and a multi World Cup medallist and 4x TeamGB Olympic athlete.

There are no gimmicks with Sport2Health - we deliver a world leading program run by some of the Worlds leading health & fitness practicioners and provide the tools to employees who want to lose weight, build muscle, get fit or simply feel better about themselves. Please see below the benefits of partnering with

  • Increased employee morale
  • Improvement in employee relations
  • Reductions in stress and sickness
  • Greater productivity
  • Healthier work environement
  • Improvement in self confidence
  • More positive attitudes at work
  • Improve your employer brand
  • Build employee loyalty
  • Become an employer of choice
  • Company performance rises
  • Reduced staff turnover
In 2016/17, 1.3 million workers suffered from work-related ill-health, which equated to 25.7 million working days lost. This has been estimated to cost £522 per employee, and up to £32 billion per year for UK business. (*

Fit employees are also much less likely to get sick – if there is a bug going around the office, those who don’t look after themselves and exercise regularly are far more likely to fall ill. Encouraging exercise among your staff could not only lead to a fall in the number of short-term absentees, it could also have an effect on long-term absenteeism too. (*

Showing employees that you care about their health & fitness levels is a great way to boost morale. It demonstrates to your employees and colleagues that their health and wellbeing is important to the company they work for – the positive benefits of which can hardly be understated.. (*

Does the employment you offer require not just fit & healthy employees but specialist fitness levels? Do you employ in specialist roles - eg firefighters, paramedics, postman, police firearms officers etc? Do you recruit in jobs similar these? We can help you develop both your prospective and current employees health & fitness levels so they can concentrate on the job in hand and not worry about if they are going to pass a fitness test.

As an employer you can implement a health and wellbeing program with Sport2Health in your business.

We are very aware that employers are conscious of staff health - partly because it's the right thing to do, but also because healthy staff have less time off sick. By partnering with Sport2Health you send a clear message that you really do care about your staff.
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