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“Ready, set, go!” £10 per month. Access to our private website content covering all aspects of health, fitness, weight loss, muscle gain and our full term pregnancy section. Members pages, Q&A sessions and generic fitness plans. Ideal for the general public.

Why Choose Sport2Health for your personal training & nutrition?

1. Virtual coaching
Sport2Health is owned and run by some of the Worlds leading coaches in health, fitness and nutrition. Our pro team of virtual coaches (S2H owners) currently hold some of the highest positions in elite sport including the:- Head nutritionist to England rugby, head nutritionist to Team Sky cycling, head nutritionist to the Lawn Tennis Association, head nutritionist to the European Golf Tour and head nutritionists to several premier league football teams, rugby teams, and elite athletes. Our Strength & conditioning coaches currently work with premiership football teams, motor racing and various elite athletes in a variety of sports. Sport2Health also employs a small team of virtual coaches to work under the direction of our pro coaches.

2. Fitness Programs
We give you fitness programs for use at home, work or in a gym. Various options designed for different lifestyles and goals.

3. Video library
An extensive library containing 100’s of exercises to complement your exercise program.

4. Recipes
Over 100 tasty and exciting recipes with calorie information that are added to daily.

5. Bespoke calorie calculator
To work out your daily calorie intake to build muscle, get lean, lose weight or live healthy.

6. Support community
Through our founders or like minded members – you can ask us questions 24/7 usually with a fast response.

7. Nutrition library
We teach you everything you need to know about nutrition. We cover both the basics and more in depths subjects and we take pride in explaining to you current terms, fads and thoughts that are otherwise believed to be overly complicated.



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