Professor Graeme Close


Graeme is the expert nutrition consultant to England Rugby and nutrition consultant to Everton FC and Nottingham Forest. Graeme is the Head of Performance Nutrition to the European Tour Golf, the Lawn Tennis Association and several world class athletes.

A former professional Rugby League player, Graeme is now a Professor of Human Physiology at Liverpool John Moores University where he is the programme leader for the MSc in Sport Nutrition. Graeme has published over 100 papers and review articles and spoken at over 50 conferences across the globe. Graeme is the only person in the world accredited with the UKSCA, BASES and SENr.  Graeme formerly worked as head nutrition consultant for Munster rugby from 2008-2014.  As well as working with elite athletes, Graeme delivers seminars and workshops to corporate clients translating lessons from the sporting world to the office floor to improve health, wellness and productivity.

Graeme is ranked in the top 10 most followed sport scientists in the world on twitter. He regularly appears on British National TV and radio discussing various aspects of nutrition in relation to health and sporting performance.

Professor Graeme Close, ASCC, PhD, rSEN, fBASES, fECSS



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