Sport2Health is owned and run by some of the Worlds leading nutritionists, strength & conditioning coaches and a 4x TeamGB Olympian.

As a member of Sport2Health you now have the same nutritionists as Team Sky, England rugby, Lawn Tennis Association, European Golf tour and many other elite athletes and teams.  You now have the same fitness coach as a premier league football club, International golfers, national ski & snowboard teams and racing drivers. This level of knowledge is unprecedented to the general public.

Where else in the World can you go to get this level of expertise on a daily basis to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.  Everything we teach you is 100% evidence backed advice that is completely healthy and achievable – no more fad diets!

Virtual coaching

We offer two virtual coaching packages. Following consultation our coaches we will provide you with your own training plan.  Use a smart device (Garmin / Apple watch etc) to record your training and nutritional data and this is shared with your coach who will adjust your plans accordingly.  This is the ultimate training resource. Suitable for beginner to Olympic athletes in all sports.

Support community

All our members have access to a private community where you can receive support from Sport2Health as well as receive support and in turn help and support other members.  A great place to discuss anything health and fitness and somewhere you can share your experiences – both good and bad – to make both your and other members journie’s more rewarding.

Comprehensive knowledge base

We provide you with a fully comprehensive online coaching resource for all things nutrition, exercise and overall health and fitness. Once you have digested this information you will fully understand how to lose weight, build muscle and live healthy yourself without ever needing to follow another “diet” or “program” ever again.

S2H bespoke calorie calculator

With two professors and two PHD students on the team, here are Sport2Health we have designed our own calorie calculator which, through extensive testing, we believe is much more accurate than any other calorie calculators available today.  This is a key factor in the energy balance (weightl loss / muscle building) process.

Weekly live Q&A's

The weekly lives will be introduced shortly.

Comprehensive exercise library

We provide you with an extensive video library covering all the exercises you will be given on your personalised fitness programs.  These cover exercises that can be done at work, at home or at the gym.  A full video explanation and demonstration is given in how to carry out the exercise with correct movements and what to look out for if not doing it correctly.

Extensive recipes

We provide you with an extensive recipe library containing all the nutritional information you need to either lose weight, build muscle or live healthy.

Every single one of these recipes has been developed by Sport2Health to give you maximum nutrition benefits – all these recipes are already bing used by some of the worlds leading sports teams and athletes.

Training programs

We encourage our members to take part in some form of physical activity that they enjoy and can sustain over longer periods.  As part of this process, we offer every Sport2Health member generic exercise programs to be done at work, at home or in a gym.  It’s not compulsory – but they are extremely beneficial if you would like one!